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Variety Pack

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The FLYY Nasal Inhaler variety pack gives you the opportunity to try both of our refreshing sensations:

Arctic Blast: Menthol (55%), Eucalyptus Oil (18%), Herbal Extracts.
Orange Breeze: Menthol (55%), Eucalyptus Oil (12%), Sweet Orange Oil (12%), Herbal Extracts.

FLYY Nasal Inhalers open up your airways and center you in the here and now. Simply inhale deeply (inhaler) or apply a small amount on the back of your neck (roll-on), for an instantly reviving sensation.
Dermatologically tested and rated “excellent” by Dermatest® (08/2020).

What's inside? 
4 Pack: 2x FLYY Arctic Blast, 2x FLYY Orange Breeze
6 Pack: 3x FLYY Arctic Blast, 3x FLYY Orange Breeze
8 Pack: 4x FLYY Arctic Blast, 4x FLYY Orange Breeze

Caution: Do not apply to mucous membranes or eyes. Not suitable for children under 6 years old. Consume within 1 month after opening for maximum freshness.

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Benefits of FLYY Nasal Inhalers

100% Natural

Made from plant-based ingredients

Super Refreshing

Deeper and better breathing

Backed by science

Certified by Dermatest

Fast Delivery

2-3 days with USPS (USA)

What will you choose?

A cool and refreshing gust of ice-cold wind?
A warm and invigorating summer breeze? Both?

Our two unique sensations come separately or as a dynamic duo.

Orange Breeze is an instant getaway. An exotic escape from the drama and the endless noise. A taste of the tropical sun that rejuvenates with its warm, citrus notes.

Ingredients: Orange Breeze

55% Menthol, 12% Eucalyptus Oil, 12% Sweet Orange Oil, herbal extracts

Arctic Blast is a laser-beam. An ice-cold wind that clears out the cobwebs. A refreshing wake-up call that keeps you razor-sharp and ready for action.

Ingredients: Arctic Blast

55% Menthol, 18% Eucalyptus Oil,
herbal extracts

Caution:Do not apply to mucous membranes or eyes. Not suitable for children under 6 years old. Consume within 1 month after opening for maximum freshness.

Customer Reviews

Based on 157 reviews
Great product

Love the orange one. Helps clear my head before going to sleep helping me get a better night's sleep

Great and pocket size

They are great to carry around good size. And have been putting drops on my mask at work which helps with breathing a little. The only thing I would say is they are not overly strong .

Great way to trial and find my favourite

Having used inhalers before when I saw these I jumped at the opportunity to trial them. I would have defaulted to the arctic blast but after trying the variety pack and loving both I've landed on the Orange being my Favourite! Definitely try the variety and decide for yourself!

Breathing easily

Got this product for work coz it gets sometimes stuffy and hot now I have my FLYY I can breath better and work better awesome product

Great scents....

Great scents. Can't wait for others. Nice strong menthol hints help to breathe easier.