FLYY Student Ambassadors

We are looking for FLYY Student Ambassadors

  • FLYY is a refreshing Menthol and Eucalyptus nasal inhaler. Our 100% natural plant infusions boost your energy and focus.
  • Introduce FLYY to the students of your campus, gain real-life marketing experience and earn your own cash commission.
  • You have to be: Out-going, motivated & hands-on. No experience needed.

Join the FLYY Team and have the coolest job on campus.

Benefits and Perks

  • Earn unlimited cash commissions
  • Work remote and in your own time
  • Earn cash bonuses with every milestone you achieve
  • Enjoy free inhalers and exclusive FLYY-Gear
  • Gain real-life marketing, sales and PR experience in a fast-growing Manchester-based start-up
  • Get a letter of recommendation for your future career
  • The best campus crew members get shortlisted for full-time job opportunities


  • Hand out free inhalers, show people how to use them, tell the story behind and share the legend
  • You are at every party, talk to people, you are a connector
  • Create partnerships with student clubs, societies, stores/kiosks on campus and pubs nearby
  • Come up with new creative ideas how to take over your campus
  • Share your personal referral link and earn commission with every online sale
  • Build a FLYY WhatsApp group, answer questions, entertain and keep your FLYY friends up to date


Who we are looking for

  • You are fun. People love being around you. When you go to a party all your friends follow you because they know an evening with you is always legendary.
  • You are a leader. Nothing holds you back, you are outgoing, confident and ready to become friends with tons of new people everyday
  • You are hands-on. The more things you get done, the more enthusiasm and drive you feel – you love achieving your goals.
  • You are inspirational. You amaze us with creative and disruptive ideas how to take over your campus with FLYY.

Convince us in 3 sentences of your potential:

How to join FLYY

  1) Step:Send us an email or a whatsapp with:

  • Your Name, age, university, year of studies
  • Why are you a perfect FLYY Campus Crew member? (in 3 sentences)

Whatsapp: +44 7367 370677         Email:


  2) Step: Have a 10min video-call with Amos and Simon

We are excited to hear from you!