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Don't drink and drive
Sniff and FLYY!

Flyy Now

Phone. Wallet. FLYY.

Your new pocket-sized pal won’t leave your side.

We guarantee it.


Breathe new life
into the everyday.

You need an edge, and we’ve got just the thing.


A deep, replenishing breath of fresh air.


Refreshingly soothing on your skin for a focused mind.

No Caffeine. No Chemicals. No Worries.

FLYY is your clean edge created by nature and harnessed by us.

Open your mind.

When out and about, we all use eye drops, lip balm and gum. But our sense of smell – perhaps the most powerful and potent sense of all – is overlooked.

With FLYY, that changes.

We’ve put together a bold new toy that doesn’t play games. Whether you need a pick-me-up or a calm-me-down, FLYY offers the jolt you need to recalibrate.

FLYY is a Picker Upper

For the beautiful.

Try Orange Breeze

For the bold.

Try Arctic Blast

Your perfect companion,

whatever the vice.

Raise your spirit.

For the wild ones, enjoy a quick pick-me-up to keep things moving. Because when the party shows no sign of stopping, why should you?

Enhance your performance

Whether pumping iron or conquering mountains, a clean burst of natural freshness gives you that much-needed push to greatness.

Hone your reflexes

For those looking for an edge over opponents, you’ve found it. Stay at the top of your game with a hit of the good stuff.

Sharpen your mind

Climbing the ladder? Building your empire? Whatever your career goal, stay focused with FLYY and make it happen.